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I began to slide back up18禁勿入免费网站入口不卡

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I began to slide back up18禁勿入免费网站入口不卡

We worked our way back as quickly as we could, his arms around me the entire way. They had never felt better. Within minutes we were back at the Mercer house, brushing snow off of ourselves and each other after kicking off our shoes. He took me upstairs and to the bathroom to look at my elbow, which I had landed on harder than I thought. Jack set me up on the sink before starting to clean out the cut I had managed. Just as he finished up I looked him square in the eye. “What's the prognosis, doctor? Will I live?”Setting his hands on my hips, he stepped so that his body was in between my legs. “I don't know what I'd do with myself if you didn't.”His eyes were purely sincere “I'm here as long as you want me.”“Kellie,” his right hand brushed the hair from my face, “I want to be good enough for you.”“Do you think I spent so many years crawling through your window because you weren't? I've wanted you since I was thirteen years old.”He was moving closer to me. “You should have been my first.” “Not me.” His fingers traced small patterns over my palm. “You should be someone's one and only. You deserve...”“A guy who'll take me dancing? A guy who will care about me.” I motioned to my elbow which he had cleaned up, hoping he would see it as evidence for and not against my point. “A guy who will look at me like I'm the only girl in the world?"I'm the one and only girl you've ever been friends with. That means something to me. That's what you were trying to say that night, wasn't it? The ability to not sleep with a girl was a sign you cared about her? Or is it just that you're not at all attracted to me, and I'm making an idiot of myself.”Another sly smile crossed his lips. “Could you not feel how attracted I am to you while we were dancing? I just don't want you to settle for me, Kells.”“Settle? Jack, I settled for six other guys. You can't settle for your dream. I wanted you to be my first. I... Jack, I...”“I love you, Kellie.” The words burst out quickly, as if he had finally given up on holding them back. “I missed you and thought about you every second that I was gone. I promised myself I would never tell you that, but... all of those girls, I wanted them to be you. You were too important, and I didn't want to risk hurting you or losing you, so I kept looking for you in every girl that I met hoping it would be satisfying enough to keep me from messing things up with you.” He was rambling, speaking everything almost too rapidly for me to keep up. “Nothing worked. Nothing got my mind off of you and wanting to be with you in every way possible. When I left, I stopped looking for you because I realized how pointless it was.And when you told me that you your number was still six, I thought maybe I was lucky enough that you were doing the same thing. That...”“Say it again.”“Which part?”“The part you've probably been scared to say for a long time.”“Kellie, I am absolutely in lo-” I couldn't wait for the words to finish before I pulled his lips to mine for the third time. He slid me forward across the sink until our bodies were flat against each other, his growing erectionpressing against my panties through his jeans; I couldn't help but grind a little against it. I slid my tongue across his lips until his own met it in exploration. Only a few seconds had passed before we were breathing heavily, and I was stifling small moans. His hands moved across my body as if he were trying to feel every last inch of me. He kissed me with deeper passion than I knew was possible. It wasn't crazy and fast like that that proceeds a frantic fucking, but the kind that makes your entire body go numb.With seeming reluctance, he separated his lips from mine.“Do you... do you want to go to our room?”“Our room?”He was smiling, looking me straight in the eye. “It's always been your room, too, since you were 13. I've never shared it with anyone else in any way; I've never brought a girl home.”No words came to me; I could only smile, feeling my entire body break into goosebumps. He lifted me from the sink and set me on the floor before leading me down the hall to his room. Our room.Standing with the back of his knees against the mattress at the side of his bed, he pulled me directly in front of him. “Kellie...”“Please don't... don't you dare question this.” I stood on tip toes to rub my lips against his ear. “Think about warming me up while we were lying in this bed together. Think about dancing with me. Think about how my skin feels against yours. Think about my lips. I want you, Jack.” I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up, exposing his perfect abs and scattered tattoos. Lifting his arms, he helped get it off and dropped it to the floor. The sight of his body made me feel weak, the perfection of it. Cupping my cheeks in his hands, he kissed me, and started moving his hands downward until he touched the bare skin of my leg. He was sliding my dress up, past my panties, past my stomach and my chest and finally over my head. It to went to the floor. The window shade was open, letting the moonlight and some glow from the street light in. With it, I could see him looking at my body. Suddenly, I was self conscious. Biting my bottom lip, nervously, I thought of all the girls he had seen naked, how much sexier they probably were than me. I wrapped my arms across my stomach. “Don't,” he said, pulling my hands away, “I want to look at you.” He leaned away from me, to his side and reached for something by the wall. Suddenly, the room was softly illuminated by Christmas lights that lined his window.“I want to look at you with the lights on.” His words sent a jolt through my heart, stealing my breath from me. His eyes explored me. “Kellie, you're... perfect.” We were both on the bed before I knew it. He lay flat on his back with me on top of him. His bare skin was erotically warm against my own as he pulled me to his lips.It only took a few eager kisses before his hands found the back of my bra and started working at the hook. I moved closer to him so he could see what he was doing, but with a sly smile he shook his head, admitting defeat. “Thought you'd be better at this,” I teased, lifting myself slightly. Releasing the strap myself, I threw my bra to the floor before leaning back down to him. “Don't worry, it was broken.” His chuckle was lost in his throat as I slid my hand up across the front of his jeans continuing up to his solid chest. Tentatively massaging my bare chest, he resorted to drawing me in to him, placing his fingers on my neck. Our tongues crossed each other's lips along with soft moans. Each time I pulled away even a fraction of an inch, he leaned forward to me quickly as if he couldn't stand the distance.Before he could pull me back, I moved away and planted a kiss at the center of his abs, licking my way half way back up his chest before moving down again. He lifted his shoulders, watching me as I kissed downward to the line of his jeans. Looking up at him with every other kiss, I could see the lust in his eyes. My fingers began to work at the button and then the zipper of his jeans, undoing them with measured patience, watching him all the while. Jack brushed the hair from my face with one hand, while caressing my shoulder with the other, not quite sure what to do with himself. When I pulled open the front of his jeans and pressed my lips gently against thin layer of black cotton still covering him, he fell fully back against the bed, sighing heavily. It wasn't until I started tugging his jeans downward that he lifted himself back up to help me.With my feet planted on the floor, I bent straight over and teasingly kissed his bare abs, running my hand over his covered erection. His breathing sped up noticeably, and he remained propped up on his elbows to be sure he saw my every movement. Finally, my kisses landed on his underwear before I slid my fingers under the elastic and pulled downward just enough to free him. His cock was rock hard and perfectly thick, the skin almost silky in my hand. Very lightly, I slid my fingers over it, eliciting a small gasp to cross Jack's lips. He was smiling at me.Leaning downfurther, I ran my tongue from base to tip only to have my action accompanied by an appreciative moan. Wrapping my lips around the very tip, I gave a small suck before moving to lick upward again, slowly working my tongue along his eight inches.“Oooh... come here.” He whispered heavily, entangling his fingers in my hair and lifting me up toward him. He kissed me, running a hand over my breasts and smiling against my mouth. His other hand moved from my hair and ran over my neck, shoulders and back, tickling my bare skin as he went. I wrapped my own arms around him, still needing him close and not believing that this was happening. We were no longer sideways on the bed, but fully on it lying length-wise. His hand left my chest and moved downward until he firmly gripped my ass, slinking fingers underneath my panties. I, however, knew it was still my turn to play. Breaking from his kisses, I moved downward along his body again before reaching his still bared cock. I kissed and lickedevery inch of it gingerly, enjoying the sound of his breathing picking up speed. Finally, I slid my lips over him, taking more than just the head in my mouth, slipping my tongue along. When I had half his cock in my mouth, I began to slide back up, pushing his underwear down at the same time. Not wanting me to break from what I was doing, he sat forward and managed to kick them the rest of the way off. I was bobbing slowly, taking more of him each time I went down. “Mmm... oh...ye...” Was all he could manage when my nose pressed against his tensing stomach. He gathered my hair and held it with one hand on top of my head, using his other hand to pull me sideways to him. As his cock slid in and out of my mouth, he ran his hand across my stomach, moving downward.Once his fingers slid over the front of my panties, teasing my pussy through the fabric, I was moaning against his cock, trying to keep myself as quiet as possible. His touch was light, as if he were exploring something for the first time and wanted to test the waters, but this did not stop the muscles in my stomach from twitching and contracting. Accepting my reaction as an okay, he slid his hand under the fabric and rubbed two fingers over my bare pussy. If his cock hadn't been fully in my mouth when he touched me, I likely would have screamed from the sensation. There was something very pleasurable in the simple fact of who it was that was touching me. Still not done, he pushed one finger inside, eliciting a deep moan against his cock. I bobbed up and down a bit faster, needing him even more in that moment. Feeling my change in pace, he began working his finger in and out of my pussy with the perfect speed, making it almost impossible for me to focus on the taste of his cock. “Oh my God!” I pulled my mouth off of him and licked the full length of his shaft once, twice, almost collapsing against him both times. I tried again to wrap my lips against the tip of his cock which lasted only until his thumb found my clit. “Uhh... Jack...” He turned me quickly, smashing his lips against my own to muffle my moan, continuing his assault on my pussy.My whole body gyrated against him, needing to feel his fingers rub harder and press deeper inside me. With am arm wrapped tightly around my shoulders, he kept me against him, his tongue tracing around the inside of my lips. Finally, I couldn't take it any more, and I pushed his hand away. Swinging my leg upward, I straddled his perfect, naked body, rubbing the fabric of my panties against his cock. Pushing me upward, he took my nipple in his mouth and swirled his tongue around it, looking up at me as he did. My breathing sped up a notch as he moved to the other breast. I grabbed for my panties, pushing them down and lifting my body to get them fully off. Again, I rubbed against him, this time bare skin against bare skin. He kissed me, passionately, his eyes lost from focus. His hands never left me, caressing my neck, shoulders, sides, back, hips... any part of my body he could reach. I lifted my hips slightly, and he took the hint to tease between my legs again, this time slipping two fingers quickly into my pussy as I wrapped my fingers tenderly around this cock, pointing him upward. “Can I pretend?” I whispered to him,yy111111电影院少妇影院无码 my voice heavy with lust. “This is my first time? Your first time?” Still breathing heavily, he placed his hand gently on my neck, pushing my hair from my face and looking me straight in the eye. “This is my first time. I've never made love to anyone before.” His eyes were full of passion and sincerity; I needed nothing more. At the same time, I dropped myself down and he thrust upward. With that single motion, he was fully inside of me, his warm cock filling me completely. For a moment, neither of us moved, lost in having finally gotten what we had both waited years for. Our eyes met and stayed locked together.Then, I began to rock myself up and down, moaning softly at the feel of his hard, warm cock sliding in and out of my pussy. His hands could not seem to settle, moving over every inch of skin he could reach as he kissed me, pushed me back to look into my eyes, and kissed me again. I rocked a bit faster, breathing hard against his mouth. “Oh, Kellie...” He slid his fingers through my hair at the base of my neck with bothhands, pulling my forehead against his own. Arching my back, I continued sliding up and down. “I... oh, mmm... you're amazing.” Our foreheads still pressed together, he moved his hands slowly down the side of my body until they came to a rest just below my waist. His eyes left mine and looked down to where our bodies connected, and he moaned. As gently as he could, he pushed me upward at the waist, helping me to raise further off of him with each movement. Following his eyes, I looked down at us. I saw his perfectly built body mere inches from my own. I saw his warm, firm hands on my skin. I saw his cock sliding into me, glistening with the moisture of my pussy. I saw no space between us.“I love you, Jack.” He wrapped his hands quickly around my back, pulling me against him as he began thrusting into me, taking control. “Oh, yes! Oh, G--” I dropped my face to his neck to muffle my moans, knowing that his brothers were asleep elsewhere in the house. Turning his head, he ran his tongue along my lips tenderly, still thrusting. He moved gently, but with purpose, pulling out slowly before thrusting back in with controlled force.His moans were mesmerizing. Each thrust was punctuated by one, vibrating against my lips. He started moving faster, getting into a rhythm, rubbing against all the right parts of my body. The bed shook lightly underneath us, just shy of hitting the wall. “Kellie.” It came through gritted teeth, and I felt him tense inside of me. My stomach tightened and twitched. My toes curled. It was already building inside of me, the release I had always needed him to give me, but I couldn't let it happen yet. “J- Ja... Jack...”He thrust fully inside of me and held himself there, clutching me tighter to his body and sitting upright. He was panting heavily, looking between my eyes. Slowly, he brought one hand up and ran his fingers through my hair. “Not yet. I don't want this to end, yet.” They were the exact words I was thinking. We sat like that, catching our breath, for an unimportant amount of time. I was glad for the lights around his window; seeing him made it a million times more real. “This is so much better than... anything I've ever...” Still not in control of his breath, he smiled at his failed attempt to form a sentence. “I've imagined doing this with you, Kellie, and this is...”“Shh.” I pressed a finger to his lips. “Not yet.” Slipping my finger away, our lips came together in passionate innocence. Small, soft kisses that did not fit the position in which we were sitting. With patience, he began to turn us, cradling the back of my head and keeping one arm locked around me as he reached a full circle and lowered me down. He was still inside me. Bracing himself against the mattress to keep from putting too much weight on me, he started sliding himself out of me. Just as he was about to fall all the way out, he was pushing in again, moving erotically slow. My fingers gripped to the skin of his back, wanting to pull him closer to me, but knowing he wouldn't risk hurting me with his weight. He continued with the slow movements.Never once did our eyes move away from each other's, our faces barely an inch apart. We didn't kiss, too focused on the feeling of his cock sliding inside me to interrupt it with anything else.Then, it wasn't enough. Achingly slow became a little bit faster, as I wrapped my arms behind his shoulders, trying to bring him closer to me. “Oh...oh...oh...” I almost forgot to keep myself quiet as his hips collided with my own, calling out with each thrust. A brush of his lips muffled me. My toes began to curl.His breath began to come in grunts and moans, no distinguishable words among them. “God... oh God!” I however, was able to form a few. “Yes. Jack...oh!” The distance, only inches, became too much for me. I wrapped my arms around him tighter and pulled toward me. That time, he gave in. Hooking his arms underneath my body, he dropped himself against me, his skin wonderful hot and sticky with the sheen of sweat. Not wanting him to move away even a centimeter, I brought my knees up and wrapped my legs around his lower back. “Oh, sh-” The movement must have done something, as he called out and instantly picked up speed. His thrusts were much smaller, barely moving an inch out of me before thrusting in again. Faster, his breath and his body both. Less controlled. Less measured.“Yes! Right there! Just like that...yes!” My stomach was too tense. My legs began to shake. I had to bury my face in his neck to quiet my moans, and found that even the smell of his sweat was erotic. The walls of my pussy began to squeeze him tighter, and I felt him grow more tense, too. His thrusts came faster. His body slid over my clit. “I... I'm gonna...”“Lookatme,” he moaned out, all as one word. “Kellie, look at me.” I pulled away as little as I could, and he did the same. His beautiful eyes locked with my own.“Oh G-!” Simultaneously, he pressed his lips to mine and thrust as deeply into me as he could manage. I all but screamed. A ripple went through me, raising every bit of pressure in my body to the breaking point and pushing it straight over the edge. Inside of me, I felt the same happen to him. Wave after wave he shot into me, then he collapsed his full weight onto me, his arms failing him. His pants were heavy in my ear, just as mine were in his. My legs stayed around him, still not willing to let him go as he planted kisses along my collarbone. “Oh... uh.... oh...” We both fought to get our breathing under control. “Kellie... oh, Kellie...” He gasped between breaths. Finally, he managed a deep breath and let it out with a 'woosh'. Propping himself back up on his forearm, only taking his weight off of me but not moving away, he pushed my hair off of my face with his fingertips, fighting against the bit of sweat that kept it there. “That was... the most amazing thing... I have ever... in my life...” He chuckled, unable to manage his complete thought, caressing my body with his fingers. Still panting, though on a slower scale, I smiled in agreement. He kissed me: my lips, my neck, my shoulder, my chest. I tried to detangle my legs from his back though they had gone numb or I'd forgotten how to use them. I wasn't sure which. I pressed my face into his neck, tasting his salty sweat on my lips. Then, my feet uncrossed and my legs fell back to the side. His kisses found their way back to my neck, then up to my ear. “I love you. I love you so much, Kellie.” They continued to my lips, tender and undemanding. Loving.“I love you, Jack,” I mumbled against them. The kisses slowed and he pulled back to look at me. He was sliding out of me, slowly and gently. I watched him with a smile, feeling a bit of loss when he was finally out. Even more, he fell away from me, lying on his back next to me. “Kellie, I could try to tell you how amazing that was, but no words... God... come here.” His hand closed around mine as he pulled me toward him and placed my palm on his chest. Underneath, his heart was racing. “This is what you do to me.”Looking at his hand covering mine and my fingers on his bare chest, I was filled with warmth. “Maybe you should take it easy on the physical activity then,” I teased, looking up at him. He shook his head, smiling his perfect teeth at me. “No, my heart slowed down from then. This is from you saying you love me.” I couldn't think of anything good enough to say in response, but the look in his eye told me I didn't need to say anything at all. “I wanted to ask you this earlier, but you kept distracting me..." There was a playful accusation in his eyes. "I want to ask. I want it to be official. I don't care how juvenile it sounds or anything.” He looked me straight in the eyes, lifting my hand gently and intertwining his fingers with my own. “Kellie, will you be my girlfriend?”My heart felt like it jumped in my chest. I opened my mouth, trying to answer, but was unable to remember what came next in the process. Jack was patient, a small trace of nervousness apparent on his face, though that was greatly minimal next to how much hope was there. Tears worked their way into my eyes, and I decided to give up on my attempts to speak. Instead, I nodded. That smile was always beautiful, absolute perfection, but in that moment perfection was a complete understatement. It was magical, beautiful. It was right. It was the happiest I had ever seen him.His hands encased my face and he kissed me gently on the lips, barely able to stop smiling long enough to make it a proper kiss. My entire body was filled with fluttering butterflies. “You're my first,” I whispered. “You're my one and only.”


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