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Albus says18禁无码永久免费无限制网站

again this is not my storyHarry wakes up unusually warm the next morning. He can feel something warm and very hard pressed against his chest while something equally warm, but soft is pressed against his back. He slowly opens his eyes to find a shock of blonde hair obscuring his view. Harry inhales sharply as he moves his arm, which somehow got draped over the blondes' hips. His hand accidentally brushes against her crotch as his hand moves up, and comes away soaking wet. At the moist feeling, Harry's cock springs to attention, nestled up against the woman's arse.He hears Narcissa purr, "Good morning master." She turns around so her tits are pressed against Harry's chest. Reaching down, she gently grabs Harry's short arm, "Hmm, feels like you're up for a little morning exercise."As Harry arches an eyebrow, whatever's behind him moves and he falls to his back.Bellatrix actually purrs for a moment before saying, "Mind if I start the morning activities sister? I'll only be able to warm him up."With a throaty chuckle, "Go ahead Bella."Grinning, Bella slides down Harry's body, randomly interspacing kisses on the skin until she's face to head with her master's pulsing staff. Giddily she opens her mouth and takes Harry crown into her mouth. She runs her tongue all along the skin as she takes more of the hard meat into her eager orifice. As she adds a gentle suction to her ministrations, Harry moans and she feels the cock in her swell slightly. Bella quickly pulls back until just the crown is still in her mouth and is shortly rewarded by a large dollop of warm goo being deposited in her mouth.After Harry's spent, and barely softened at all, Bella moves over to her sister. Narcissa says, "No Bella, enjoy. After all, I get the main course."With a euphoric look on her face, Bella slowly swallows her masters' gift.Harry's back to full mast as he watches Bella's throat constricting and releasing rhythmically.Eyeing her master's beautiful cock, Narcissa says, "Well master, I can see you're up for another round, so how shall it be?"Harry reluctantly tears his eyes from Bella to look at Narcissa, "What do you mean?""Well," she says, holding up her hand as she ticks off her points, "there's fellatio which my sister just performed, there's standard copulation, and then there's sodomization. Do you have a preference?""Preference? Hell, I don't even understand what you said."Narcissa looks at Harry for a moment while her sister tittles quietly, "May I use the vulgar references master?""I'd prefer it.""My apologies master, but Lucius wouldn't have stood for any form of vulgarity to be used in his house, especially in his presence, so I'm used to using the more formal phrasing. The normal options are a blow job as my sister just performed, conventional intercourse, and buggery. Any other questions master?"Harry looks at her in shock for a moment, before he says, "Normal will do," in a strangely flat voice.Narcissa reaches up and snaps her fingers right in front of Harry's face, no reaction. Narcissa sadly shakes her head before looking at Bella, who quietly nods her head. Nodding her assent, Narcissa pulls her arm back and slaps Harry, visibly cringing at the blow.Harry shakes his head violently for a moment, before exclaiming, "What the hell was that for?"Narcissa looks down morosely. "I'm very sorry master, but you'd gone into shock."Harry looks over to Bella who nods her head, "Well then, I don't see how any punishment will be needed."With a deep sigh, Narcissa says, "Well then, what form and position would you prefer?"Harry quickly shakes his head again, "Let's say conventional and you choose the position."Narcissa nods her head and crawls onto Harry, straddling his hips. She reaches down and grabs Harry's shaft. She guides him to her dripping center and eagerly slides down his shaft.A few minutes later, Harry grunts out his release and Narcissa climbs off of him with a smug look on her faceAs the sisters go over to their rather small closet Harry rolls off the bed. He feels the pressure behind his eyes signaling a killer headache as he heads over to his closet.The three are spread around the room, unprepared for the attack only moments away.*Albus is sitting behind his desk contemplating the papers lying on his desk. At the top of the papers is the title "Transfer of Ownership Rights - Personnel." The papers would give Harry full ownership of both Narcissa and Bellatrix, but would also make him responsible for their actions.As he sits there, a large, officious looking owl swoops in through a window and lands right in front of him. The owl holds out its leg and allows Albus to remove the letter before launching back into flight and out of the office.With a small smile on his face, Albus unrolls the letter. As expected, it's Fudge's response. He quickly scans the letter before he stands up with a full smile on his face. Albus Disapparates with a quiet pop to deliver the good news to Harry. Unfortunately, he pops directly into Harry's bedroom before notifying the concerned parties.The moment he appears at Number 4, Albus Dumbledore, the most powerful Light wizard in the world gets a hard lesson in dueling reality. Dodging one unexpected Stunner is difficult, but possible. Dodging two unexpected Stunners is extremely difficult, but it can be done is one has fast reflexes. However, dodging three Stunners from three points on the compass is quite impossible.Harry reaches up and massages his eyes after he sees the old wizard lying on the floor with a piece of parchment next to him."Would one of you two please wake him up?"Narcissa quickly casts the requested spell before walking over to him eloquently, and helping him to his feet.Harry says, "Sorry about that Albus, but I'm sure you understand. Now, we just have to wait for the damn Ministry."With a smile, Albus hands Harry the parchment before he conjures two comfy chairs.As Harry looks up to peruse Albus' handiwork he notices the girls are still naked. He instantly barks, "GET DRESSED RIGHT NOW YOU TWO!"They jump and quickly move to obey his command.Harry sits down and notices the strained look on Albus' face, "Are you alright Albus? I apologize for the girls' lack of promptness in dressing, something that will have to be addressed soon. Also, I hope you will pardon me for a moment to get dressed myself."Harry quickly stands up and throws on a robe before addressing himself to his ageing headmaster. "Now, how may I help you?""First off, let me say thank you for reminding me of the rules of courtesy."Harry notices the twinkle in Dumbledore's eye reach record levels just moments before his head explodes in pain. A moment later the explosion has stopped, but the left over pain is still present. Looking up, Harry can see Dumbledore is sitting up very straight in his chair. Bella has a wand at the back of his neck, while Cissa's wand is pressed against his chest. Harry asks, "What just happened?"Narcissa speaks up, "My apologies master, but this being, just attempted Legilimency on you."Appearing completely unflustered, Albus says, "Harry, would you please have these lovely ladies sheath their wands?"Harry glares at Dumbledore, "Very well professor, but on the condition that you swear a Wizards Oath not to attempt to invade my mind again."Albus winces not missing the subtle rebuke from his young charge; closing his eyes, Albus concentrates for a moment before saying, "I do hereby swear not to use any form of Legilimency on Harry James Potter without his expressed consent."After the final word is spoken, there's a brief flash of light and then a beam of white light launches itself from Albus' chest and connects with Harry's. The beam lasts for only a moment before fading away into nothing."It is done Harry."Surprise evident in his expression, Harry nods to the sisters who hesitantly put their wands away."Now Harry, is there anything else you need?""Not that I can think of off hand."Narcissa speaks up, her voice barely above a whisper, "Actually, sire, there are a few things I would like to request, if I may."Harry nods his head to her, "Go ahead Cissa.""Sir, I'd like to arrange a shopping trip to Diagon Alley as well as a small trip back to Malfoy manor for a few mementos."Albus looks at Harry, "I'll make the arrangements with your permission, Harry.""Why are you asking me Albus?""Because Harry, for all intents and purposes, they are your property. Speaking of which," he says as he reaches into his robes and pulls out two sets of paper. "This is the paperwork needed Harry, for the ladies to transfer full ownership rights of themselves, to you. All that's required is your signature on each of them and theirs on the appropriate copy."Harry's eyebrows shoot up, "What would this mean, exactly?""It would make official what's already in place; that they are now your personal property to do with what you wish. They'll have no rights as people, but will be in the same class as House Elves as far as their civil rights are concerned."Harry looks at the two women; their faces are positively alight with joy, "What do you two have to say about this?"Bella speaks up, her joy present in every syllable, "Oh please sign master.""You mean that you actually want me to sign you into slavery?""It'll just be making the facts legal master."Albus speaks up, "Also worthy of note, is the fact that after the paperwork is filed Harry, Bellatrix will be a free woman. If those at the ministry wish to truly annoy you, they might charge you a fine, but that will be it.""I'll sign, but the ladies have to sign first."Almost before he can blink, the sisters have the proper papers in hand and have their names properly written out. Harry doesn't have a clue where the quills came from as he takes Cissa's quill and paperwork. Quickly affixing his signature to each set of papers, "Albus, what happens now?"Albus puts the papers back into his robe, "Now Harry, I take and file these papers immediately. The ministry should get in touch with you within a few hours,女女同性av片在线观看免费 a day at the most. I'll also see about arranging an escort for yourself and Ms. Black.""Oh and one more thing Albus, would it be possible for me to visit #12 in the near future?""Of course Harry. If you don't mind, that can be included in the trip to Diagon Alley.""That'll work Albus. Perhaps you could have Tonks be the escort as she's already passingly aware of the situation.""You make a good point Harry. I'll see about arranging the escort for tomorrow if that's alright with you.""Tomorrow will be fine; say nine am?""I'll make the arrangements. If Ms. Tonks can't make it, would you prefer to move it to another day or to have a different escort?""If Tonks can't make it, then have Remus come by.""Very well Harry. Now, I hope you'll forgive me, but I'd like to get these papers filed as quickly as possible.""Good luck Albus, I hope to hear from you soon.""I'll file these papers and then make the appropriate fire-calls and owl you immediately."Harry nods his head and Albus stands up before he Disapparates.Harry rubs his temples, trying to alleviate the pain. "Cissa dear, dare I ask what you want from the Malfoy home?""Just a few books master. Nothing of malevolent intent."Harry can sense that she's not being straight with him, but he decides to let it drop.With a wave of his wand, Harry summons one of Dudley's old toys and transfigures it into a table. Harry thinks for a moment before summoning his transfiguration books.The three spend the morning going over the science of transfiguration; Bella and Cissa both provide amazing insight in the use of transfiguration in dueling.At about noon, Harry stands up and arches his back as he stretches, which results in several small pops.A few moments later, a large, official looking owl swoops into the room through the window, which Harry could have sworn he closed. The owl lands in front of Harry. Bella leans forward to block Harry as he goes to take the letter tied to the owl's leg.Cissa quickly takes the letter and the owl launches into flight. She lays the letter on the table and casts a quick spell on it. The paper emits a brief white light before returning to its normal color. "Sorry master, we just wished to ensure that there were no hexes, portkey spells, or other nefarious thing attached to the letter."Harry takes the letter and opens it.Dear Mr. Potter,Papers have recently been filed in your name by Albus Dumbledore for the transfer of ownership of one Narcissa Malfoy-Black and one Bellatrix Lestrange-Black. We would request that you present yourself in person to authenticate the paperwork.Also note, due to Mrs. Lestrange-Black's current status as a fugitive from justice, there would normally be a fine of 50,000 galleons. However, on orders from the Minister of Magic, the fee has been waived.Once you have authenticated the paperwork, the women in question will be required to present themselves to likewise authenticate the paperwork. Once the authentication is completed, you will be notified of your rights and responsibilities regarding the two women.Sincerely,Officiosus Esel"Hmm... I guess that'll have to be added to the things to do tomorrow as well."Harry hands the letter to Cissa as he leaves the room; before he can finish closing the door, he hears two squeals of delight.Down in the kitchen, he finds Tonks sitting at the table seemingly bored senseless."Wotcher Harry.""Hiya Tonks. What brings you here today?""Dumbledore told me to stop by today to work out the details for tomorrow.""Alright, I just got a letter from the Ministry; I need to put in a personal appearance there as quickly as possible."Tonks stares off into the distance for a moment, "That shouldn't be a problem. What other stops are on the list?"As she asks the question, Harry starts to feel a small pain in his temples. He closes his eyes, "Stay the hell out of my head Nymphadora!"The pain instantly recedes and Harry opens his eyes, Tonks looks truly amazed, "When did you develop Occulmency?"With a sudden rage, Harry feels the magic inside of him flare up. His vision blurs for a moment and when it clears, he's not looking at his friend Tonks, all he sees is a very attractive woman.Harry gathers the magical energies needed for the spell. Servus secus is on his lips and the magic is in his hand, ready to be released when a little voice inside of his head, the same one that helped him fight off the /Imperius/, screams in his head, "/STOP!/"The shock causes Harry to freeze for a moment; a moment in which his mind reasserts itself. He lets the magic dissipate; as he realizes what he was about to do, he bolts from the room, his face sickly pale.Tonks stands there blinking for a moment before following at a much more sedate pace. When she reaches the staircase, she finds Narcissa Malfoy waiting for her, wand in hand."WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO OUR MASTER," roars the blonde.Tonks is stunned for a moment, "I tried to find out why Harry needed to visit the Ministry. I didn't know he was an Occlumens. His magic suddenly flared up, like he was going to perform a massive spell when he suddenly stopped and ran."Cissa is seething as she says, "Do you have any idea what spell he was preparing?""No, and how would you know?""Because he is my master and both Bella and I are bound to him. The spell he was about to use was the same spell that bound us to him.""What's the problem, he didn't cast the spell?"Cissa starts walking up the stairs, "I need to go help my sister comfort our master; you may join us if you wish. If not, then please leave until tomorrow."Intrigued, Tonks follows her aunt up the staircase."My master has a very honorable outlook on life. The only reason he hasn't been beating himself up over when He cast the spell on us is that it was self-preservation and he didn't know what the spell would do."They've almost reached Harry's room by this point and Tonks says, "I still don't understand what his problem is.""The problem is that in his mind, using that spell now, when he knows what it does and his life wasn't in imminent danger is equivalent to rape."Tonks pales as Cissa enters the room. Looking in, Tonks can see both of her aunts sitting on a rather large bed cuddling a boy with messy black hair. Hesitantly, Tonks walks over to the bed. When she gets in front of Harry, she kneels down and stretches out her hand to take his shoulder, which Bella's head just vacated. "It's alright Harry." The young man looks up at her, and her heart breaks at the raw pain evident in his eyes. "Harry, I know what you were going to do downstairs." Her soul weeps as the pain increases, "But you should know Harry, that you did nothing wrong." He opens his mouth to speak, but Tonks cuts him off, "Aunt Cissa told me what you were going to do, but since you didn't cast the spell, you didn't cross the line in to the Dark."Bella adds, "She's right master. In the heat of the moment, you might have been ready to use an Unforgivable, but since you didn't actually cast the spell, then you did nothing wrong."Harry turns his head and looks at Cissa questioningly and she gently nods her head.With a small smile, Harry turns back towards Tonks, "Thanks, I don't know what came over me downstairs."Tonks shifts so that her knees are on the ground and sits back on her ankles, "Can you describe what happened?""It was almost like when Tom tried to posses me at the Ministry. All I knew was blind rage against you."Tonks face shifts to a look of intense concentration for a minute before she says, "Have you cast any extremely powerful spells as of late Harry?"Blushing, Harry says, "I cast Servus secus wandlessly a few days ago."Tonks eyes go wide, "But that's thee most magically draining spell in existence. That would also help to explain things a bit. Harry, regaining magic after copious use is very draining on one's self-control. It's been theorized, that the subconscious is what helps wizards to produce magic, it doesn't affect their potential only how quickly they regain their magic after it's been used. Take it easy for a couple more days, get plenty of sleep, and you should be fine.""Will do Tonks, but I still want to do that trip tomorrow."With a gentle smile Tonks says, "That shouldn't be a problem Harry. Now, I'll leave so you can get some rest. Ladies, I trust you'll make sure this boy gets some rest."With a lecherous grin, Cissa says, "Oh yes, he'll get some sleep alright. He may have a little trouble walking tomorrow, but he'll sleep today."Shaking her head at her aunts implications, Tonks pops back to #12.With Harry mildly protesting, Cissa strips him down to the buff and gets him ready for bed while Bella goes for his lunch.Bella is just outside her master's room with a tray of food. She can already feel the sting from the strap as she makes a decision. With a quick wave of her wand, she's once more attired in the maids' costume. Bella walks into the room without a further moment of hesitation.Harry's eyes go wide as he sees Bella walk into his room. His eyes are on her swaying hips so he misses when Cissa divests herself of what little clothing she's wearing.Bella sets the tray on the stand next to her master's bed and hand feeds him the soup she made while her sister crawls up on to his bed.While Harry is distracted by her sister, Narcissa positions her head directly over Harry's crotch. With a deep breath, Cissa takes most of Harry's length into her waiting mouth.Harry's just swallowed the first spoonful of soup when Harry feels Cissa wrap her mouth around his cock. He moans slightly as she runs her tongue along the entire length. Bella offers her master another spoonful of soup as Cissa starts to gently bob her head.It's only with a concerted effort that Harry actually manages to swallow the soup as Cissa continues with her blowjob. However, it's the death knell for Harry's control when Cissa reaches up and uses her hand to massage his balls.With a primal grunt, Harry sends his seed into the blonde's waiting mouth.Bella quickly feeds Harry the remains of the soup as he watches Cissa sit up, and open her mouth, showing that she hasn't swallowed yet. Closing her mouth, Cissa swirls the cum around her mouth for a moment before she swallows.With a predatory smile, Bella climbs up onto her masters' lap and lifts her skirt. Harry barely has time to register the fact that she's not wearing any panties before she places the tip of his still erect cock at her entrance and slides down his length with a moan. As her master moans, Bella clenches her cunt muscles as she quickly pounds her hips against his. Sporadically clenching and relaxing her internal muscles, she quickly feels the slight shiver from her master moments before he explodes within her.Moments after Harry comes, Bella climbs off him while Cissa gently sucks on his bullocks. His cock had started to go soft before Cissa started her ministrations. With a few gentle sucks, Cissa has her master back at full mast. Cissa climbs up onto his lap and takes the seat that her sister had just vacated. As she bounces up and down on her masters' lap, Cissa reaches down and plays with her clit, making sure that it rubs against Harry's shaft.Bella reaches around and gently teases Cissa breasts, earning a moan from the blonde.Watching Bella playing with her sister's tits is the final straw for the young man and he comes for the third time, causing him to get light headed. Cissa screams out her own release as she feels the warm goo shoot into her.Bella helps her exhausted sister off Harry and lays her down next to him. Turning her attention to her master, Bella eyes Harry's tool with a very hungry look in her eye.Harry barely has time to register the look before the former Death Eater launches herself at his crotch.Bella takes his mostly deflated cock into her mouth, relishing the mix if flavors, as she sucks on it as hard as she can. Within moments Harry's stiff once more. Bella bobs her head on his tool while she hums deep in her throat.Harry grits his teeth as the world slows its spinning around him. All his efforts once more prove for naught as Bella uses her other hand to gently caress his balls.For the fifth time today, Harry releases his seed. Just before he passes out, he could almost swear he heard someone say something like, "Greedy bitch." Then all he knows is darkness.



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