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tight teenage ass18禁止导深夜福利备好纸巾

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tight teenage ass18禁止导深夜福利备好纸巾

Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the actual Harry Potter series, its author, characters or book and movie franchises. This story has not been sold or created for profit.Story Codes: mf, grope, hp, magic, oral, unifHarry Potter: Harry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts Part 3 - Lily Evans Is A Slut!by Avatrek (avatrek@hotmail.com)Hogwarts of 1976 was a very different Hogwarts of what Harry and Hermione had ever experienced. It was probably in large part due to the fact that both Harry and Hermione had been assigned to Slytherin House instead of Gryffindor, but there were many other things about Hogwarts that had changed too. Hermione had the most traumatic night between her and Harry - Slytherin tradition had forced her to do a little strip show after the sorting of the first year students and although Hermione had kind of liked it, the spanking that had followed was nowhere near as enjoyable. While Harry and Hermione became accustomed to the perverted customs of Slytherin House, Ron, Ginny, and Luna were being welcomed a little more warmly by Gryffindor House."The Gryffindor common room is on the seventh floor and the entrance is behind--" James Potter was saying before being abruptly cut off by Ron."The portrait of the Fat Lady--" Interjected Ron rudely before James looked over at him quizzically."Well yeah... How did you know that?" James asked Ron looking confused."Uhhhh... Uhhhh..." Stuttered Ron before Ginny pushed Ron aside with an answer."His parents used to go to Hogwarts... They told us where the entrance to Gryffindor House was." Ginny lied as James snuck a peak down at her ass. Ginny's skirt was so tiny that every time she took a step, her entire gorgeous ass was visible. Ron could hardly blame him; both Luna and his sister were looking rather good as they made their way up the last flight of stairs and towards the portrait of the Fat Lady."We did make a few improvements to the common room over the past couple of years though, so I'm sure your parents never told you about the new and improved Gryffindor House." James said with a smirk and another quick glance down at Luna's juicy little heart-shaped ass."What kind improvements?" Luna asked excitedly as they approached the portrait and James got ready to say the password to enter."Password?" The Fat Lady asked."Quidditch." Replied James and the portrait opened immediately. Ron and Ginny expected to see the same basic layout of Gryffindor Tower which they had become accustomed to over the last few years of their time at Hogwarts, but they were both stunned to see it drastically bigger and much more appealing. The common room area looked almost exactly the same as they had remembered, but with three doors that neither Ron nor Ginny had ever seen, leading off into other rooms. Because the opening feast had not yet begun and most of the students had not yet arrived, only a few of the older students were present. A couple of the sixth and seventh year girls were walking across the common room towards one of the three doors wearing the skimpiest bikinis that Ron had ever seen. Over near the stairs however, was an even more intriguing sight; a very pretty dark redheaded girl was on her knees sucking the cock of a handsome and very familiar looking boy."Oh come on Lily, you promised me the first blowjob of the year!" James shouted with both anger and humour."Sorry buddy, she just couldn't resist the old Black family charm!" Sirius Black laughed as Lily took a break from deep-throating Sirius rock hard seven inches."Oh come on James... I've been stuck in the Muggle world for the past two months... I couldn't help myself," Lily replied with a smirk before looking over at Ron, Ginny and Luna. "And who may I ask is this handsome stud and beautiful ladies?" She said after licking the tip of Sirius's cock one more time."Shit Lily... At least let him settle in before you wrap your tongue around his cock too." Sirius joked as Lily ignored them and starting sucking on his shaft again. By this point, Ron, Ginny and Luna were stunned. Never did they ever believe that Harry's mom could have been such a dirty slut. Sucking off Harry's Godfather in front of everybody, including Harry's future father was unbelievable. Ron's cock was rock hard after hearing what Lily had to say about him and both Ginny and Luna were both feeling a little hot under the collar as they watched the dark redheaded slut deep-throat Sirius over and over again."Besides Lily, I'm next!' Replied a slightly miffed James, just as Sirius started to grunt and pant."Fuck... I'm Fucking CUMMMMMMING!" Grunted Sirius, just as everyone in the room looked over at the two to catch the best part of the show. Sirius's cock started to jerk wildly, just as Lily pulled her mouth off his cock and got ready to catch his warm seed. "UNGHHHHHH... YES!" Sirius grunted in satisfaction as he started firing off load after load across Lily's pretty teenage face. His warm seed splashed off Lily's cheek and into her hair before she was able to catch the last couple of loads in her mouth and swallow them with pleasure."Mmmmm... I love the taste of your cum, Sirius!" Moaned Lily, as she licked her lips and sucked off the last few drops of cum from Sirius's cock."Thanks Lily... I really needed that!" Sirius groaned as he pulled his pants back up and walked over to Ron, Ginny and Luna to introduce himself. "I'd shake your hand, but... You know..." Sirius laughed as he introduced himself as Sirius Black and welcomed them to Gryffindor House."And I'm Lily Evans," She called from across the room as she readjusted her tiny skirt and dress shirt before standing up and for the first time giving Ron, Ginny and Luna a good look at her fantastic body, tight teenage ass, marvellous juicy young breasts and gorgeous rosy cheeked face. Lily used the 'scourgify' spell on her face and hair before walking over to Ron and giving him a long hard hug. She briefly felt Ron's massive bulge press into her thigh before whispering, "Wow... I know what you're thinking right now!' Ron blushed before Lily let go of him and hugging both Ginny and Luna in turn, squeezing each of the girl's ass playfully as if to see if there was any competition she needed to watch out for."Well James... Where's Wormy and Moony?" Sirius asked James as he cleaned himself up in a nearby water basin."Remus is a prefect, so he has to take the train from King's Cross and Peter couldn't get here any earlier, so he took the train too," James replied, before slapping Lily's ass playfully. "I have to play prefect for a few hours, so I can give you three the tour of the place, but I don't mind." He continued, looking down at Ginny's long beautiful legs. Ginny caught him staring, but didn't mind too much; she had always been fairly liberal when it came to sex and although she was still a much coveted after virgin, Ginny had a very open mind."James... Don't... We should at least give them the rest of the tour before we go at it... Don't you think?" Lily giggled, breaking away from James sneaky hands before guiding a still shocked Ron, Ginny and Luna towards one of the doors leading out of the common room."Dumbledore said this place was a little different than we were used to, but holy hell, I think I might just like this Hogwarts." Ron whispered to Luna and Ginny as they followed Lily, James and Sirius through the common room door into what looked like a large hall, with a long bar at one side and a massive hot tub in the middle of the room."This is the bar, dance hall and hot tub room... There's an age line at the doorway, so only fifth years and above can get in. You can basically use the hall for anything, but this is usually where all the parties take place." Sirius said with a grin before he led the group to the bar. Taking a bottle of Fire Whiskey, Sirius poured some into six shot glasses using his wand and passed them around."To new friends and...""New beginnings!" Ron finished as all six of them drained their glasses and winced from the taste and strength of the beverage."God I love Fire Whiskey!" Sirius shouted out as he refilled the glasses again with his wand and everyone took another shot before leaving the hall to continue the tour. Ron, Ginny and Luna were then led to the room at the other side of the common room and after walking in; they were astonished to see a large outdoor balcony overlooking the entire Hogwarts grounds,黑人巨茎大战欧美白妇免费 lake and forest."Wow! How long has this been here?" Ginny said in fascination, as she leaned over one of the balcony's stone railings to get a better look."Only a couple years... I did the spell work myself... It's completely invisible to anyone outside the castle!" James replied looking supremely cocky."It's so beautiful... Isn't it?" Luna said, also leaning over the stone railing to get a better look."It's definitely a gorgeous view!" James replied with a smirk, not looking out at the grounds, but down at Ginny and Luna's juicy teenage asses."Yeah..." Ron and Sirius agreed immediately, also checking out Ginny and Luna's sweet asses."You guys are perverts," Lily said with a smile, slapping James playfully. "We should get down to the Great Hall though; the feast is about to start... We'll finish the tour later." She said before opening the door and making her way back into the common room. As they walked down to the Great Hall, James separated from the group with Ron to ask him a question."Hey Ron... Can I ask you a question?" He asked, quietly enough so that nobody else could hear."Yeah sure." Ron replied, with his eyes fixated on Lily's tight ass and long smooth legs."You're not involved with Ginny or Luna, are you?""No, there just friends of mine." Ron replied, looking over at Ginny and Luna's asses as their short skirts flapped up and down over their perfect asses. Dumbledore had forged the fake identities for both Ron and Ginny, but had for some reason unknown to Ron, decided against giving Ron and Ginny the same last name. Ron had no idea why Dumbledore had done this, but as he stared down at Ginny's juicy little ass, he thanked God for once that he wasn't related to the young redheaded hotty."Good... Because Sirius has a thing for blondes and I'm gonna bang that redheaded slut like a whore!" James laughed before patting Ron on the shoulder and hurrying forwards to catch up with Sirius, Luna, Ginny and Lily. Normally, Ron would have been pissed that somebody was planning to fuck his little sister, but he was a little too busy staring at her ass to really care. The sorting of the first years and the feast went forward without incident; Ron, Ginny and Luna met Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew, along with a few pretty fifth and sixth year girls. Lupin looked a little shabby and downtrodden, but other than a couple of thin scars, he looked much better than he would after a few more years of transformations and lack of work. Peter Pettigrew was as rat-like as ever and although Ron knew what he would turn out to be in a few years, and his clear need to do everything James and Sirius did, he was pleasant enough too. Everything was proceeding as usual, until halfway through the feast when Ron felt something tug on his pant leg. Before he could even look down, he felt somebody's fingers enclose around his crotch."What the fuck!" Ron said instinctively as the hand started really massaging his stiffening cock."Ha ha ha!" Laughed Sirius as he looked over at Ron's look of surprise. "Don't worry... That's just Lily giving you her standard welcome!" Ron finally looked down underneath the tablecloth and saw to his delight, the beautiful Lily Evans, looking back up at him with a smile on her face as her hand slowly unzipped and unbuttoned his pants."Holy Fuck! I can't believe this is happening!" Ron exclaimed, more to himself than anybody else as Lily took hold of his hardening cock and really started to work on it."Lily gives the best blowjobs in school... Trust me Ron." Sirius replied before getting back to his meal, as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on."This is the best school in the world!" Ron said to himself as Lily starting licking up and down his shaft while she fondled his balls. As Ron enjoyed the sensation of having his dick sucked by a real professional, he looked around the hall to see if Harry and Hermione were having as much fun as he was. He could see both Harry and Hermione looking nervous sitting at the Slytherin table, but other than that, they looked just fine. Ron nearly jumped up in shock after laying eyes on Draco Malfoy talking to a young Severus Snape, but was able to keep his cool thanks to the terrific blowjob Lily was giving him. Other than that, the rest of the feast went by like a blur; with Lily blowing him for nearly twenty straight minutes, Ron was quickly succumbing to her tight lips and long skilful tongue."I'm gonna cum... UNGHHHH!" Grunted Ron a few seconds later, firing off five thick loads of his hot sticky magical cum, right down Lily's throat. Lily didn't even gag as load after load was fired down her throat. She swallowed it without complaint and before Ron could even apologize for not warning her of his impending orgasm, Lily popped back up on the other side of the table with a smirk on her face."Welcome to Hogwarts Ron!" She said cheerily before taking a bite out of a pumpkin pasty. Ron just sighed with relief and closed his eyes in complete satisfaction."I told you buddy... Lily Evans is the best!" Sirius said as all the deserts disappeared in front of them and Dumbledore gave them the start of term speech and ushered them all off to bed. Ron, Ginny and Luna got one last glimpse of Harry and Hermione before being whisked off towards Gryffindor Tower again."And just think Ron... That was just an appetizer... Just wait until I get you all alone!" Lily whispered into Ron's ear as they walked back to their common room. Ron felt his cock twinge as Lily walked ahead of him and stopped abruptly. "And just so you know that I'm serious..." She said turning around to face him and the rest of the Gryffindors walking behind them. "... Here's the proof!" She continued, lifting up her skirt and pulling down her red and gold teeny thong to fling at Ron. Ron caught the wet panties in his hand and stuffed them into his pocket as Lily pulled her tiny skirt back down to cover her finely trimmed strip of dark red pubic hair."Ummm... Uhhhh... Thanks!" Ron stuttered as everyone started walking forwards again, with a few even patting Ron on the shoulder and telling him how lucky he was."What was that about Ron...? What was Lily flinging at you?" Ginny asked as she ran forward to catch up to him."Yeah... And what was she doing under the table? Was she looking for Wing-Spotted Nymph Fairies?" Luna added curiously as she ran up beside Ron and looked up at him like she was expecting a serious answer."Uhhhh... I think she just dropped something." Ron lied, getting a little red behind his ears in the process."I don't know... I thought she was sucking your cock... She was down there for like twenty minutes!" Ginny said with a smirk as she watched Ron getting even redder. Ginny had never had sex, but that didn't mean she wasn't sexually active. For almost an entire year she had been dating a Ravenclaw boy, Michael Corner and although she had never let him fuck her, she had sucked his dick on several occasions."Ginny... What the fuck!" Ron said in shock before he felt Luna's hand drop to his crotch and squeeze."Mmmm... She did suck his cock Ginny... I can just tell!" Luna told Ginny as her fingers released Ron's balls and she continued to walk beside them as if she had done nothing out of the ordinary. Little did Ron or Ginny actually know, Luna was probably the biggest slut either Ron or Ginny had ever known. Introduced to sex by her pervert of a father in the previous year, Luna had fucked and sucked her quirky father every chance she could. When at school, Luna was known as Loony Lovegood for more than just her abnormal behaviour in Ravenclaw House. Luna had become quite the easy target for any Ravenclaw boy in her fourth year at Hogwarts who wanted an easy and freaky fuck with no strings attached whatsoever."What...? How the hell would you know Luna?" Ron asked looking shocked as he hurried forward and through the Fat Lady's portrait to hopefully escape the awkward conversation he was now caught in."Oh, she'd know Ron... I've heard some strange tales about Luna last year." Ginny said with a smile, before she and Luna ran forward to catch up with Lily to go and look at their new bedrooms."Like you should talk Ginny... I've heard some stories about you and Dean, you little slut!" Luna said kiddingly as Ron stood at the bottom of the girls' staircase looking both red from embarrassment and anger, after learning of both Luna and Ginny's seemingly slutty pasts."Dean? Dean Thomas!" Ron said as he walked up the boys' staircase and towards his bedroom, both tired and confused. "That fucker's going to get a beating when I get back!"


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