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licking her nipples18禁网站

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licking her nipples18禁网站

This is a work of fan fiction, all characters and locations are the property of their respective owners. I just own this story line.Very important author’s notes: The spark for this lewd tale came from reading Harry Potter. Regardless of whether you like or dislike the movies or books, imagine how exciting it would be to utilize the ability to go back into someone’s memory and observe what happened to them at a certain point in time. These memories are stored in a stone receptacle . . . called a pensieve. A witch or wizard can extract their own memories or another person’s . . . and stores them in the pensieve, and reviews them later. Anyone can examine the memories in the pensieve, which also allows viewers to fully immerse themselves in the memories stored within, much like a magical form of . . . real world virtual reality.Harry talked Hermione into going into Dumbledore’s office where the wizard kept the pensieve which stored the memories. Having watched the wizard begin the process the day before, he opened the receptacle and the room turned dark . . . except for a bright glowing of green from inside the container.“Are you ready?“Uh, huh,” said the attractive girl.“You said you have a memory with you and Ginny . . .from a couple of years ago?”“Yeah, but its REAL naughty Harry. And remember . . . I was a bit of a voyeur then . . . rather than a participator,” she teased. “Doesn’t matter to me . . . especially if Ginny is in it. Just relax and let me take the thread of your memory and place it in the container,” said Harry.Hermione closed her eyes and Harry said a few words of magic. He pulled out a crystal bottle, pointed his wand at her and her lewd memory transferred into the bottle. Harry tipped the silvery contents into the penseive, where they swirled and shimmered, and suddenly the couple felt themselves leave their feet . . . and begin to fall . . .traveling through whirling darkness and then, quite suddenly; they were blinking in dazzling sunlight. Right in front of them was a younger Hermione and Ginny standing next to each other.Note to reader: Any time the dialogue or narrative is in parenthesis; we are in the present talking about the past.For instance . . . (“This is soooo embarrassing Harry, but you being a boy . . . you will probably enjoy yourself,” she said, noticing he had already grown a firm and noticeable boner that pressed up against his school robe, as he looked at Ginny. This is what they heard and saw . . .)“Now I know you're not gonna like this, Ginny, but I'm your fashionadviser and I want you to at least listen to me. I want you to consider going without the bra tonight," said Hermione.“Hermione! No way!" Ginny blushed demurely at the very thought. Even though her parents weren't here to oversee her, modesty was part of her upbringing.“No, listen," Hermione replied. "I'm not gonna wear one either, and my titties are a little bigger than yours, so you'll have company. And the whole idea of this party . . . is to get you noticed. Short of doing naked jumping-jacks, nothing gets you noticed by the opposite sex faster . . . than not wearing a bra. Really, Ginny, trust me. They won't be able to see anything through your blouse!”"I don't know. I can't imagine being without a bra. I'd feel like everybody was staring at my little boobs!"“Look, it's up to you. Right now . . . I'm gonna change clothes really quick. I'll leave you here in the bathroom. Try it without the bra, and see how it makes you feel, and if you don't like it, you can put the bra back on. But when I come back, Ginny, I'm gonna be hangin' free!" she laughed. (Hermione looked over at Harry . . . whose cock was now lewdly bulging straight forward under his black robe. She was becoming very horny . . . and wanted to reach out and grab it, but elected to wait for a few more minutes, because she knew what was about to happen. Her pussy began to leak into her white panties as she watched herself shut the door and focus on her friend in the past. She remembered looking into a peep hole and watching and listening to Ginny. But this was even better because she was able to hear Ginny’s thoughts.) Ginny thought, “It wouldn't hurt to try”, so she took off the white blouse she was wearing . . . and then took off her lacy white cotton bra. Next, she quickly put the blouse back on and buttoned it up. It was the first time in a year she had worn a shirt without a bra, since her titties had begun to mature. She took a deep breath and looked in the mirror. She leaned forward, which caused the shirt to tighten across her chest. The cotton rubbed against her naked nipples, and gave Ginny a little sexual charge. God that feels so good, she thought, moving her shoulders back and forth. "Hangin' free," that's what Hermione called it. She brushed a hand across her chest, rubbing the fabric against her bare nipples. They immediately felt all tingly, and the tingly sensation raced throughout her body and she felt simply great. Oh, what the heck, she thought. Mommy and daddy would have a cow, but they're home and can't see me. And if all the boys start leering at me and making jokes about my breasts, I'll just run upstairs and put my bra back on. But for now, I'll try ‘hangin' free like Hermione!“Ginny, are you in there?" Hermione asked a few minutes later. “Yeah, come in, it's unlocked." “How do I look?" asked Ginny.Hermione had to admit . . . a little enviously, that her red-headed friend, the former wallflower, looked smashing. And the braless look was going to send the Hogwarts’s boys crazy. Since Ginny had taken off her glasses, as part of the makeover, it’s possible she just couldn't see very well, but her nipples could be seen clearly through the white cotton blouse, and her breasts . . . so young and unfettered were practically begging to be fondled and passionately sucked . . . thought her horny friend. An hour later, the Hogsmeade party was in full swing and Ginny had already captured the attention of Dean, who she secretly had a crush on. Her back was against a wall, and he soon leaned in toward her. She could smell his aftershave, and feel the intensity of his gaze . . . closely inspecting her young body. His body was just inches away from hers, and she shifted nervously.As she did so, her nipples brushed against the inside of her blouse, making them flutter. They had been doing that for the last few minutes, and the more it happened . . . the more it seemed to be affecting her. At first it had just been a mild irritation, but her buds had started to get erect, and once erect, they had stayed that way . . . almost as if Dean had cast a spell on her. (or had he?) The more the little pink nubs rubbed against the fabric, the more erotic feelings began to course through her body . . . feelings that always ended up in her crotch . . .in that dampening secret place between her legs. She knew, even though she couldn't see very well without her glasses, that Dean was stealing peeks at her chest, and she felt confused and ashamed. . . but she had to admit, a little pleased by his constant attention. "How about if I give you a kiss?" asked Dean. Before she could even decide. . . she wanted it, but she shouldn't, but she wanted it, the horny boy bent forward and placed his moist lips gently but firmly over Ginny's mouth. He moved his body forward, pressing her against the wall, and she could feel the entire length of him pressed up against her quivering body. His hand came out and took her by the chin, holding her head in place. His mouth was open, and soon his tongue was moving in and out of her mouth, just like he wanted to do . . . with his stiff cock. The teen girl felt as if she was going to faint. He was so smooth, so romantic . . .and she was having her first kiss at her first real party, and it wasn't gross or sloppy like some of her friends talked about. She felt his tongue in her mouth and it was like his wet male organ was moving right down her body, licking her nipples, then licking lower, at her special spot, but she knew that couldn’t be possible . . . or was it? Her nipples, which had been stiff, now throbbed with desire, but so did her pussy. Oh Oh God, she thought . . . what's happening? All of a sudden I'm so horny, I truly WANT this boy!Just keep kissing me and kissing, she thought. And he did. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him back, sucking his hot boy tongue into her own warm, wet mouth. She could feel his hard COCK pressing into the front of her, grinding right up against her pussy. She wasn't that dumb or naïve little girl . . . others might have thought.Ginny knew just what that was, but it felt so good, better than anything had ever felt before up against her moist pussy. She knew it was wrong, knew it was a sin, but she moaned into Dean's mouth, and moved her pelvis just a little bit forward, allowing his shaft to slide up and down her twat.Suddenly there was a hand . . . and it had to be Dean's . . . under the hem of her robe, and the hand was lifting the robe up, and moving toward the front panel of her panties. Ginny knew they were in the middle of a room with other people around and she had to put a stop to this. It was just going too fast, but the fingers brushed against the inside of her thigh, and that felt sooooo good, even though it was just a little touch. Dean pressed the tip of his middle finger against the front of her panties, hitting just the right spot, with just the right amount of pressure, and her clitoris felt like it was doing handsprings. God, it felt so good! (As Hermione and Harry watched what was happening in the memory, they both had hiked up their own black school robes, yanked down their skivvies and were both rubbing themselves off as they watched the lewd performance in front of them).Meanwhile . . . Ginny’s heart was pounding, and she felt so warm . . . forget warm . . . hot. Her pussy was sending her brain signals it had never received before, and confusion and young lust swirled through her like a windstorm. The kissing, the flirting, everything was just so overwhelming. She was vaguely aware that the front of her panties were wet, that she was leaking and her steamy pussy was opening up and trickling out its love juices. Dean's hands were all over her body, up and down, everywhere,丁香狠狠色婷婷久久综合 just as his mouth was on her neck and throat. He slowly zipped down the back of her robe and kissed the tops of her shoulders. Suddenly his fingers were pulling the zipper down faster and faster. He was kissing down, across her collarbone, licking at her sweet girl flesh, and she was swaying with lust. Her little pink clit was now completely exposed, the hood of flesh retracted, and she could feel her pussy pulsing rhythmically with her blood flow.“You are so hot . . . and so very beautiful," Dean whispered between kisses and licks, and she quickly responded.“Yes, oh God yes, that feels sooooo good," she whimpered.He was starting to expose her breasts for the room to see . . . and she knew what he was doing . . . and at that moment . . . she didn't care. She'd let him kiss her there, because her nipples were so fucking hard, and they wanted to be kissed so badly. They were ready for him and the young girl was ready for anything else as well.Slowly the robe began to slip to the floor . . . exposing the bumps of her developing breasts. The skin of the mounds on her chest were incredibly smooth and warm, and his fingers played over them, swirling, feeling, and touching those wonderful girlish points of pleasure. Soon, his fingertips were lightly circling . . . and then gently pinching her nipples. He continued making little circles around her stiff buds and soon moved along the sensitive undersides, sometimes cupping them fully with his hands and then using his fingers to once again pinch across the hard, pink little pebbles. (Harry looked over at Hermione who had her robe yanked up almost up to her titties, and whispered, “Do me and I will do you, but let’s take this off”. He winked at her and gently pulled the black robe over her head, exposing her almost naked body. All that was left was her white bra that was still hiding her young breasts.She giggled and moved over closer to the boy and tentatively wrapped her fingers around his thick cock.“Ohhhhh, that feels great,” he said and simultaneously pulled his robe off, making him totally naked in front of her for the first time. He slowly reached down, with his middle finger extended . . . and began to manipulate and fondle her damp pussy lips. At the same time, she reached behind and unclasped her bra, allowing the horny boy to manipulate and fondle her own titties that were aching for attention). Ginny surprised herself when her voice said, "Kiss my breasts Dean . . . and kiss my nipples . . . and please suck on them." Oh God, what was she saying? But then he was on his knees in front of her, and her nipples were in his mouth, and he was sucking, gently but persistently, and she had never felt anything so wonderful in her scant young years. Her bare breasts ached with desire, as his tongue playfully licked her hard nipples. Then Dean was kissing down below her titties, down her belly, until his mouth was pressed up against the front of her wet panties. His breath seemed hot, and he was kissing her there, right there on that spot where she needed to be kissed so badly. She began to quiver with raw excitement. Her mind was reeling, she was dizzy, she couldn't believe how fast everything was happening. Knowing she was letting him do this . . . in front of her classmates . . . even made it more exciting."Yes, kiss me there . . . kiss me . . . kiss my pussy, my CLIT!" she cried out, scarcely believing what she was saying. For the next few minutes, Dean manipulated her twat with his mouth and brought Ginny to her first orgasm and then her second and third . . . all using his tongue and lips. The young girl was now all naked, and horny beyond words. She would have fucked all of the boys in the room at that moment . . . had they lined up behind him.“Here . . . feel what you’re doing to me,” Dean whispered and guided her right hand onto the bulging tent sticking out the front of his robe.Her hand was quickly on his hard-on . . . before she knew what was happening. She jerked it away, but he caught it . . . and placed it back where it was originally. She had never had a cock in her hand before and its hardness felt wicked against the front of her hands.She fantasized at what it would look like without the cover of his robe . . . and then suddenly there it was, her first cock, huge and hard and throbbing, right there between them. She didn't know what to do. A part of her was curious . . . and she wanted to touch it . . . but she knew it was wrong."Touch it Ginny . . .put your hand around it." He guided her hand, and then she was touching him . . . touching her first stiff cock, she thought. Then she realized the hand that was on her naked ass, had slipped around and started working on her wet pussy. A finger found her clit, so moist and pink and throbbing with desire, and he began to rotate his fingertip against the slippery little nub."Oh God!" Ginny exclaimed. "Oh! OHHHH! The way you're touching me.Oh yes, keep touching me like that!"“Move your hand up and down," Dean ordered. She felt as though she were hypnotized, as if she had no choice, this was all happening somehow beyond her will, as she gripped the young man's hot shaft and began pumping it up and down as fast as she could. Both her hand and his cock were moist and slippery . . . so she had little trouble manipulating his cock that was soon to explode."Oh, yes, Ginny!" he yelped. "Just like that! Pump me up . . .pump MY COCK!" They had now attracted a lively . . . sometimes cheering audience as other students circled around them.Boys and girls watched the horny couple go crazy with lust, many of them yanking off their robes. . . followed by their underclothes. "Oh God," the sweet virgin countered. "Touch me, touch me, touch me, oh yesssss." "Oh, Ginny, I'm gonna cum," Dean said suddenly. "You've got tokneel down in front of me . . . and take my cock in your mouth," he demanded.His hand was gently pressing on top of her pretty red hair, not unkindly . . . but firmly, and since this was happening outside her will somehow, it seemed OK for her to obey him . . . to eagerly sink to her knees. Her bare knees touched the floor as she knelt in front of Dean, her face was level with his crotch. His erection bobbed right there, inches from her mouth, its head swollen and purple, its slit like a giant eye staring at her. She had never seen a cock before, and it was mesmerizing her . . . as it bobbed up and down slightly."Open your mouth, Ginny, that's a good girl. Open up your sweet lips and feel my excitement." She obeyed, and then the purple thick head was in her mouth, sliding over her tongue. It tasted musky and a little salty. Not bad at all really she thought, as the head slid toward the back of her throat. Dean immediately cast a quick spell to ensure she would not gag . . . as he began to fuck her mouth with joy. The bottom of his cock shaft . . . drew over her pink little tongue, and it was so arousing . . .what she was doing, so forbidden, and yet it thrilled her. Even with all of her friends around her, with most of the boy’s cocks displayed proudly . . . as their girl friends wickedly wanked away on them . . .they waited for the moment to cover the couple with a hundred strands of hot sticky cum. She was scarcely aware . . . that her right hand had strayed down to her pussy and was rubbing her clit in circles, trying to give herself another orgasm as her friends tightened their circle around her."Suck it, Ginny, suck on it, please, oh YES," the horny boy groaned, thrusting his hips forward. She sucked on it, like her very favorite raspberry lollipop, and when he pulled back a little so that the head was poised over her tongue, she licked it, which caused Dean to shudder and call her name out over and over."Oh, Ginny, Ginny, I'm gonna cum NOW!" he shouted. Suddenly, the giant cock ramming her mouth seemed to explode, and hot sticky fluid was pouring into her mouth and down her throat. She pulled her head back as the cock spat out its greasy spray of semen. Her mouth popped off the end of Dean's cock, but it continued to spurt. A string of white jism hit her on the forehead, then another went into her eye, and another, and some landed on her chin. She couldn't pull her head back anymore because Dean was still grabbing her head, and she had to just let the cum splatter all over her face. Spurt after spurt began to glaze her pretty face. Through it all, her hand never stopped rubbing her pussy, as she got closer and closer to the relief she so desperately craved. Dean's cum was lewdly dripping all over her face, and chin, but nearly all of her attention was on her pussy and clit now.Her red pubes was soaked with her own sticky juices, and as she finally swallowed the load Dean had shot into her mouth, and called out, "Oh yessss, oh yesssss . . . I LOVE SUCKING COCK!" And almost instantly . . . the 20 or so guys that had surrounded the couple . . . each grabbed their cocks from their girl friends and they began to shoot their loads all over the couple.Line after line of hot thick cum sprayed through the air covering both Dean and Ginny. Soon she was servicing three or four boys at a time in her mouth and in her hands. Dean just laid on his back and let everyone cover his body . . . with their hot streams of cum. (And mimicking what Hermione had been watching, she centered her naked body in front of her best friend Harry in the present, grasped his 7” cock and wildly began to lick the purple head as she milked his wand with her hand, moving it quickly up and down. Harry began to gasp . . . knowing he had no control about how much or when he would shoot his load as he placed his fingers behind her head and guided her hungry mouth and lips to finish the job. Soon, like a leaking fire hydrant, a small stream burst out and then suddenly an avalanche of hot cum began to erupt out of his cock. Back and forth he bucked his hips not believing the sensation of her warm sucking lips . . . around the head of his cock. Again and again he filled her mouth with his semen yelling at the top of his lungs. Soon she pulled his still erupting cock out of her mouth and aimed it on her bare titties. “Oh GOD do I love it when you spray my tits like that with your cum. WE GOTTA DO THIS AGAIN REAL SOON!


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